Capture from 5 to 10 standard panoramas

Cost 780 UAH

for 1 panorama
minimum 3 panoramas


Capture 11 to 20 standard panoramas

Cost 585 UAH

for 1 panorama
Example of the tour


Shooting from 21 standard panoramas

Cost 390 UAH

for 1 panorama
Example of the tour


Virtual tour

The cost of a standard virtual tour is a component of the value of all panoramas.

from 2 600 UAH

for an exclusive tour
(navigation, shell etc)


The cost of work on the production of standard panoramas consists of:

  • taking pictures;
  • color correction and gluing of photos, as well as basic retouch panoramas;
  • production of the spherical panorama in the HTML5 format;
  • Panorama size - 50 megapixels (10000 х 5000 pixels - the size can be changed at the request of the customer) ;
  • standard panorama control panel.

At the request of the customer, you can improve the panorama, namely, you can develop an individual interface, as well as add additional useful information.:

  • development of a non-standard panorama management interface;
  • adding a custom logo to the panorama;
  • placement of interactive zones (text clues, pictures, hyperlinks, etc.);
  • adding audio tracks to each single panorama;
  • integration of panoramas at the customer's site.

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